A good number of the world’s population is suffering from depression. Some people go into depression because of financial issues while others go deeper than the issue of finance. Alot of people especially teenagers who suffer from depression seek solution to this social vice which seems inevitable but are too scared to talk about it.
But before I go into the methods of control and elimination. I will like you to understand the concept of depression and its causes.
One who is depressed is like an empty room without an entrance and exit, without windows and paintings on the wall. It is like drowning in a deep ocean without any hope of survival. A depressed person is often scared often scared of letting the world know what they are going through and so they smile alot in order to cover up their pain. They sometimes talk in parables whenever they address their pain because they do not want the next to person to fully understand what the message they are trying to pass across is. They see themselves as a burden to family, friends to society and to even themselves and that is why they usually contemplate suicide. They often times wish they never existed maybe then everything will be fine.
Someone can be depressed and still show no signs of depression because they are often good at hiding their pain and coating it with laughter but sometimes they do not know when they let it out when the pain becomes unbearable.. That is when you begin to see them post sad songs or poems or even sad videos on their social media accounts.
Many people have the misconception that one has to go through a level of suffering or hardship before one can be depressed but they are totally wrong because even the smallest of situations can lead one into depression. It doesn’t have to be a big blow before one gets depressed.
Depression is just like this empty space in one’s head sometimes it’s just empty sometimes this space is filled with alot of thoughts, thoughts of how sad they are and how they wish they could end it all. They just keep drowning in endless thoughts and pain. Sometimes it’s numb, sometimes they can’t even cry or think or speak. They only know they are passing through something really deep but they cannot explain it sometimes. It’s just there, inevitable.


    Most people go into depression as a result of what they hear and the way they are treated. This is why you have to be careful of the words you use on people because you can be depressing someone without knowing it thinking your words are just a joke or minor and so doing have no effect. Body shaming is an example, bullying is an example, discriminating is an example, looking down on someone and even talking people down can cause depression. When you tell Joan that she is too fat and looks like a truck and you tell Ken that his nose is too big and this makes him ugly or you tell Cherish that she is too slim and could be mistaken for a broom stick. These are really harsh words and can be taken seriously by the receiver. You may be saying the truth of their appearance but you have expressed the truth in a wrong way and this would have a negative effect on their self esteem and also get them depressed. This can also make the victims of these words want to lock themselves up away from the world. They wouldn’t want to go outside because of their appearance and they would begin to question their creator for not creating them better. Bullying people can make them feel less of themselves and make them cry and wish they were courageous enough to fight for themselves. This would make them hate themselves for being week and lead them into depression. Discrimination can make people feel like they are not enough and this can lead to discrimination.

Sometimes it is not the words people say that lead people into depression or the way people treat them. Sometimes it is the condition in which they find themselves that lead them into this hopeless fountain of depression.
For instance someone who suffers from an incurable illness or someone who continually falls sick on regular intervals can feel like a burden to his or her family. They will feel like they are good for nothing and that the only thing they ever do is bring pain and empty the pockets of his or her parents/loved ones.

Financial instability can sometimes lead to depression sometimes as the ability to provide is what alot of people take pride in. So many people are actually sad and depressed because they cannot satisfy, the fact that they cannot provide, this weakens them alot. They begin to slowly drown in their own incapability they wish they could do more, they begin to see themselves as useless and liabilities.

Another thing that causes depression is being around negative people. People that are never positive, they never encourage you instead they are filled with negative words. Sometimes there words are words that push you into doing what you do not want to do because they are often filled with pressure. Example “Your mates are married with good jobs and you are just here, useless, you don’t bring anything to the table” “I am sick and tired of you. Nothing good ever comes out of you. You are badluck”. And these words can actually make a person depressed and sad.

When a person gets really depressed and sad, it seems like their is no coming back from it because they don’t know how to function anymore. They are just in their own new world of pain, tears, drugs and thoughts. They do not know how to go about their daily activities normally. Sometimes they could get mood swings. They are happy now the next moment they are sad or anger. Bipolar depression. Other times times they could get shocks and memory loss. At this point they need love and not hate or cursing/insults.

    If one notices he is depressed he or she should try as much as possible to avoid staying alone because that is when the sad thoughts come in. Someone who is depressed should learn to stay around people who make them laugh, people who make them happy, they should learn to be around people who bring them peace.

Confide in people, someone who is depressed should learn to talk to people because keeping it inside will do him or her no good. Telling people about your pain and problems and all you are passing through will help lift the weight that has always been in your heart and even if telling them doesn’t still solve your problems, it makes you feel alot lighter and alive.
In order to avoid committing suicide, talking to people goes a long way because their words of encourage and knowing that they care would keep you alive because then you wouldn’t want to leave such wonderful people.

A depressed person should always make sure him or her is always busy with one activity or the other because an idle man is the devil’s work shop. Having nothing doing is a big trap because it gives room for the depression to set in, the sad thoughts, the over thinking but when he or she is always busy with one activity or the other, his or her mind is focused on the activity and so doing there is no room for sad thoughts or drowning in pain.

A depressed person should avoid listening to sad songs, watching sad videos and being around sad people because this can keep triggering the depression and even make it worse. A depressed person should be around happy people, positive minded people, he or she should watch funny videos and listen to songs that would make him or her dance in ecstacy.



    Most people aften see depressed people as people they shouldn’t associate themselves with and this is not good. Some people see them as worms, they see them as people that are not even worth talking to, more like an abomination and this mentality is very bad. This can have a negative effect on the depressed person because he would be scared to speak up or talk to anybody because at this point he or she feels like a curse in which most people have labeled him and made him feel. In order to keep our mental health in check and minimize the rate of suicide. The society as a whole has to treat everyone with love and care, always make out time to have heart to heart conversations with your friends and family. Do not be too busy for them because they could be dying inside without your knowledge. Do not over joke. Sometimes people take joking to the extreme.know when the joke is getting out of hand and stop. Know the right words to say when you are around people. Avoid discriminating and mocking people. Spread love and light. Be a place where people find peace and not the source of their tears. Your presence, positive words and wonderful memories can actually be the reason why these depressed people would want to live and discard any suicidal thoughts. They would want to live so that they can keep seeing your face and keep being alive for you simply because of you care so please spread love.

I believe that atleast 90% of the world will have a sound mental health if people do better with their manner of approach and relation with people.

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