We all have that one thing that we have always wanted to do but we keep telling ourselves that there is so much time to engage in such activity and before we know it, we have wasted most of our time doing nothing. We end up regretting not engaging in our plans earlier than later, swallowed by the theif of time known as procrastination. Well, in order to help you avoid this deadly disease called procrastination, here are some steps you can take: to avoid Proscrastination.


    Planning your day and how you want it to go will help reduce your risk of proscrastinating because you must have mapped out the activities you would engage in that particular day, when and how that activity will take place. Learn to plan ahead of the day and you will see alot of positive results this will yield.


    Having a schedule on how your week will go will help you figure out when exactly you want the given activity to come in and how comfortable or how well it fits in the particular day and time in which you have fixed it. This would help you successfully plan yourself ahead of anything.

    For one to successfully avoid proscrastinating, this is a very important factor. Creating a time table and placing every activity in a specific day and time in which you will carry out such activity will help you stick to the time and date in which you have mapped out for it. This time table will act as a guide to show you on what particular day and time an activity is meant to take place. This is an example of a time table for a secondary school student who has books to read, clothes to wash and still wants to make pancakes for dinner

Monday the 20th of January 2022
*i will be in school from morning till 3pm
*I will be at home at about 3:45 and I will use between 3:45 and 4:10 to take my bath and wash my school uniform
*I will eat my lunch from about 4:10 to 4:20
*I will use 4:20 to 4:40 to go on any given errand my mum wants me to go for her. Even if she doesn’t have any errands, I will tell her to send me on errands because after this time frame, I wouldn’t want to be disturbed
*From 4:40 to 6pm I will go through my books and get some knowledge of what I learnt in school today
*I will make some pancakes from 6pm to 7pm and then use 30 minus to eat the pancakes as dinner
*From 7:30 to 9pm is my free period and I will use this period to either watch movies or play games and as soon as it clocks 9 pm I will say my prayers and go to bed.

Now, you can create your own daily time table using this example. to avoid Proscrastination.


    Proscrastination is sometimes caused by laziness but when you time yourself, the possibility of stopping such activity halfway is limited. This is because setting a time to begin and a time to end will help you stick to that time and help you finish the activity faster. Timing one’s self is very essential and beneficial because a work of two hours can be completed under one hour if you time yourself for properly and for a lesser amount of time. For this factor to be carried out successfully do not allow yourself to be distracted while carrying out the activity because after all you are timing yourself and you have to stick to the time mapped out for the start and for the end of the activity. In essence timing one’s self can help to completion of the activity faster.


    Finding something that motivates you to do work will help you engage in whatever activity it may be faster and easier. This is because you will no longer see the activity as stress or work but you would see the activity as fun. Alot of people do not procrastinate because they enjoy proscrastinating, alot of people do so because they see engaging in such activities as stress but having a drive (motivation) to do work will be of great impact in your ability to do the work and finish it once and for all. Music sometimes acts as a motivation for people to do work, for other people it’s snacks while some other people derive their strength and motivation from singing, while others are motivated from staying in a quiet area. Some other people are motivated by staying in a noisy area. so find whatever it is that comforts and motivates you to do work and then use it as a tool to avoid proscrastinating.avoid Proscrastination.


    This is very vital as this boosts the will to continue. Have you ever wondered why children tend to do better in school after their parents promise them gifts that can be inform of toys or other things of the sort. This is because these children have been informed that they would be receiving a reward for their hardwork and this motivates the children into putting alot more effort in the school work. This now comes down to you as a person who wants to finish a particular book or finish writing a particular song or finish an office project but you do not have the drive to do so, have you ever tried placing a reward. Try placing a reward for yourself after every successful completion of activity and you would see that this will go a long way in helping you avoid Proscrastination. Reward yourself with chocolates if that is what you love, reward yourself with sleep or movies or going shopping . You can say to yourself “I will finally download the next season of spider man if only I am done reading this book” or “I will have enough time to finally sleep and even make myself some ice cream if I finish writing my school project before 4pm” or “if I finish this office project I will get a huge pay” or “I will finally go shopping this weekend and buy myself new clothes if I finish this work” or “I will lick a piece of chocolate everytime I finish 5 pages of this book in 10 minutes” Try rewarding yourself after completing your work successfully more often and at the stipulated amount of time given and this will serve as a source of motivation and lead to a job well done.
    I hope thsse steps help you out in your journey against Proscrastination.avoid Proscrastination.

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